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The Healing Power of Listening to Your Body

When I was 39, doctors diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Today, I've reversed its effects. How? By simply paying attention to what my body was trying to tell me. Here’s my journey and how I benefited from tuning into my body's signals.

Reversing MS

I've been a long advocate for listening to the body. It's been my guiding principle for over a decade. Twelve years ago, when I first heard the dreaded diagnosis, I decided not to follow the traditional path. I refused medications and surgeries, shocking those around me. Instead, I focused on what my body was signaling. And guess what? I completely reversed the effects of MS. This wasn't some miracle overnight fix; it was a testament to the power of truly understanding and respecting what our bodies tell us.

The True Cost of Ignoring Your Body

In my younger years, I battled GERD and was told I needed a double knee replacement. These conditions, coupled with my MS, seemed like I was falling through a bottomless spiral of frightening health challenges. Yet, by tuning in and understanding the causes of inflammation in my body, I could address them head-on. For instance, I discovered that the metal amalgams in my mouth drove my inflammation. Once I had them removed, everything changed – my thyroid and adrenals corrected. The lesson here? You win half the battle when you identify the root cause(s).

The Natural Way: Keeping Inflammation in Check

It's not just about listening; it's about acting. I've been meticulous with my diet, avoiding GMOs and non-organic foods, drastically reducing inflammation in my body. Think about what you consume, about what might be triggering your symptoms. Removing specific stressors and focusing on a clean diet was vital for me. When you honor your body, it honors you back. It's that simple.

Life throws curveballs; I've had my share. Every challenge reminds me to respect and listen to my body. In a world where quick fixes are the norm, I challenge you to slow down and truly understand what your body wants. It's an incredible messenger, signaling when things are amiss.

So, the next time you feel an ache or a pang, instead of brushing it off, sit down and listen. Your body knows best; trust it.

A functional blood chemical analysis is a painless head start to learn what your body’s trying to tell you. Call me at 470-290-8025 or email and request a consult. Just start. Get powerful; get smarter about how your body's functioning. Everything is 100% virtual so there’s hope, wherever you live.

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