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Functional Blood Chemical Analysis

Your customized path to safely and naturally rebuild your body from the inside out.


Why Four Words Can Change Your Life

Functional asks if your body and its life-sustaining systems are performing optimally.

Blood is the gateway to identifying root causes of your pain, symptoms, illnesses, or health challenges.

Chemical because science is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Analysis guarantees you use the power to right.

How We Customize Your Functional Healthcare


This is a sample FBCA report. The results indicate how closely the organs and physiological systems tested are functioning to optimal levels by measuring dysfunctional levels.


For example, the 69% Thyroid Function means it’s “likely” this person's thyroid is dysfunctional.


Conversely, 5% Adrenal Function indicates it's “less likely” their adrenal glands are dysfunctional.


Lower percentages mean the body is working closer to optimal levels and higher percentages confirm dysfunctional systems.


Because optimal ranges are narrower than the normal ranges shown on typical lab reports, FBCA shows dysfunction sooner.


That means faster relief and a more accurate diagnosis, often contrary to your symptoms, and starting a natural treatment plan before the dysfunction extends into a “medicate or operate” range!

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