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  • How is your bloodwork different from what I get done in the MD’s office?
    When you go to your regular doctor, they quickly review your blood work before entering the exam room. They compare a number of different markers against a simple “normal range” and as long as anything doesn’t fall outside that range, they ignore it and move on. With the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, I spend a lot of time analyzing your blood work before you come back for your Report of Findings. We don’t look at standard ranges but optimal ranges. In addition to that we trace patterns in the blood to uncover dysfunction in multiple body systems. When you are able to discover dysfunction before it becomes a diagnosed pathology you are able to use natural methods to correct the dysfunction before it turns into a disease process
  • Do you just give a bunch of supplements?
    Never. In fact my goal is to have you on four of fewer supplements and any supplements given have an end game in mind. Our goal is to get your body functioning better so you won’t need the supplements as quickly as possible. Everything we do will make a physiological change to the body in order for the body to begin to function optimally again and heal itself.
  • How do you differ from other Functional Medicine practices?
    Most functional medicine practices spend a lot of time up front performing a wide variety of tests, many of which may have no relation to your issues. This is very costly and time consuming. I take a very difference approach, with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis as the very first thing I do. This cuts straight through to a biological cross-section of your body and health, informing us if any further testing is required. If it reveals further testing is required, we know what to do without unnecessary tests.
  • Do patients have to be in the Atlanta area to work with you?
    No! I can work with patients anywhere in the country. I’ll give you the order for the tests, you can have your blood tested locally and I’ll analyze the results from my office. We can collaborate on the health plan remotely.
  • What is your education background?
    Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from New York Institute of Technology. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic with my degree from Life University, and have successfully passed 4 parts of National Boards for my Chiropractic license. Licensed Chiropractic Physician Licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association Studied at Blood Chemistry University Functional Medicine University, 300 Hours of graduate study of Functional Medicine Over 400+ hours of graduate credits in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Completed the 2 years study on Life Sciences Kalish Institute: 8 month Mentorship program Adrenal Boot Camp – 3 month focused study of the adrenal glands
  • Do you have protocols or one-size-fits-all solutions?
    No. Every body is different and so will require different solutions and levels of care. Your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis will determine what will be needed for you to achieve your health goals and we will dive into the details about this during your Report of Findings visit.
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