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Dr. Susan Monias

Functional Healthcare

Customized for You


I've Been Where You Are

And you can be where I am,

recovered from a fatal diagnosis

and getting healthier every year.

I was my first patient.


After a sudden CAT scan, brain MRI, and lumbar puncture at 39, doctors and specialists declared I was years five from a wheelchair and ten years from my deathbed.


The Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis was the writing on the wall, but it’s not what you think. My core beliefs about wellness told me that if I identified and removed whatever was interfering with my body’s natural health and strength, I’d heal.


So, I declined prescription medication and…

Functional Blood Chemical Analysis
Scientific Facts for Natural Healing

Do you know it’s possible, and probably likely, that your health symptoms and the cause of your inflammation, pain, or illness are coming from different parts of your body?


Do you know traditional blood tests measure normal (i.e., pathological) ranges instead of optimal function levels?


Functional Blood Chemical Analysis (FBCA) finds the source(s) of your seemingly endless and undiagnosed inflammation, pain, or illness by tracking patterns in your blood that indicate system dysfunction.


FBCA is a roadmap to restoring system function because it:

  • Identifies health risks

  • Reveals early warning signs

  • Uncovers nutritional deficiencies specific to your blood

  • Monitors optimal functional ranges instead of normal ranges used to prescribe medicine or surgery


FBCA tells us how to ignite your body’s natural ability to get and stay well.


It starts with one blood draw at a lab near you. 


Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

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End Your Pain Without Medicine or Surgery

Waiting Room

Multiple Sclerosis & Autoimmune Disorders

Did you know that multiple sclerosis (MS) means your body's immune system is attacking its own tissues? 

Autoimmune disorders like MS can be life-changing, crippling, or even fatal.

But they don't have to be!  

Fatigue & Brain Fog

Being tired makes sense,

especially after demanding

physical or mental activity. 

Unforgiving fatigue

or brain fog are unbearable,

and solvable problems.

I'm tired of being tired!


Toxicity & Detoxing

We might not realize the unhealthy chemicals and toxins constantly bombarding us, bringing unwanted non-specific illnesses, depression, and even debilitating diseases into our lives.

Detoxing is one way to feel better, but you have other choices, too.

I want to feel better ASAP!

Waiting Room

Weight Loss Resistance

  • I can't lose weight.

  • I'm eating healthy, but my clothes don't fit.

  • I exercise constantly but weigh more.

  • The scale is mean.

  • I've tried every diet.

  • My partner says they don't care how I look, but I do."

Help me lose weight!

Food, Allergies, & Gut Health

What comes before determines what happens after. Your food matters in surprising, unknown ways.


Bloating, constipation, stomach pain...these things might be typical for you, but they're not normal.

I want to enjoy food again!


Hormones & Women's Health

Your thyroid controls your metabolism.

If it's not working correctly, your entire body is out of balance. 

I want hormonal balance!

"I'm Happier & Healthier Because..."

Vanessa Matos

"My life has completely changed ever since Dr. Susan explained to me everything in the unique blood work she does."

Stop Living in Pain No Matter Where You Live!
Down the street or across the country, help starts now.

My services are 100% virtual!

I send Zoom links, and you get healthier

in the comfort and privacy of your preferred setting. 


Mailing Address Only

Dr. Susan Monias

1500 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 290
Suwanee, GA 30024


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