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Blood Work with Dr. Susan

The functional Blood Chemistry Analysis has been my “North Star” directing me to optimal health from complete debilitation since 2013. It is my only form of health care. I recommend
checking your blood work though Functional blood chemistry analysis at least once per year. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis looks at blood in a “3D” view rather than having minimal biomarkers run to look for just highs or lows based on that articular marker in order to prescribe medication.

The medical range is BROAD meaning to fall out of range you would have to be very sick already. The optimal ranges I use are much more narrow and can see dysfunction before it happens or turns into a diagnosable disease process. In my case, I already had the disease process, it took me by complete surprise! I literally fell debilitated overnight to MS however that had been developing in her body for years!

  This is why my passion, finding disease before it happens, being able to reverse it or lessen symptoms of it before the suffering was as bad as my own. This is where the FBCA and this exclusive panel of blood come from. It allows me to trace patterns in the blood and also look at blood work functionally not based on symptoms, so that amazing heath can be gained.



Pricing for a comprehensive Dr. Susan's recommended full blood panel is $449. It comes with the blood labs, which can be ordered in 47 states ( can not be ordered in NY, NJ, or RI) the analysis and a ROF with recommendations ( can be done on phone, zoom, or in person

For more information or to set up a free 15 mins consultation with Dr. Susan Monias, you can request on this website or email at or call 470-290-8025.

We look forward to working with you! Start a New form of Health Care! All natural the way God intended us to function as humans.

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My Core Belief

is “If you REMOVE interference, your body will heal” That is what I did for MS. I went on a journey to find the interference through the FBCA. Removed them one by one and over time with consistency, discipline, diligence, and time. I am now 52 yrs old and

in better health than when I was 20 years old!

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