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Ways to Decrease Inflammation in Your Body

Are you looking for ways to decrease inflammation in your body?

I have reversed my health and changed my path. My path was given to me 12 years ago. I can't believe it. I was completely debilitated because of my MS diagnosis. I was inflamed. I couldn't walk straight. My right leg wasn't working. I was in pain. I experienced all the same issues that are affecting everyone right now.

My hair was falling out. My skin was bad. I had digestive issues and hormone issues. I mean, the list is endless, but I was able to reverse it.

I want to share with you what I did because it's becoming an epidemic. In the last year, I performed thousands of blood studies for individuals, and 92% of them had active autoimmune diseases or were in the early stages of developing them. We let them know it's going on and I can reverse it. I want everybody to know about inflammation. There's a reason why your body's getting inflamed.

But most people who come from the RT are inflamed. It's good to know there is a diagnostic method to determine whether you have autoimmunity, what's happening, or if it's just inflammation.

My MS diagnosis is an inflammatory disease. I only managed to reduce my body's inflammation in order to get those symptoms under control. Regardless of your diagnosis, be aware that because your body is inflamed, your immune system is responding by also generating inflammation in your body.

We want to reverse that. That's what I did. Although I had the MS diagnosis reversed when it occurred, theoretically I shouldn't have been able to walk following the car accident since I had six herniated discs in my back.

I am able to go through each day since my body is not inflamed. Thus, it's crucial. It is an ongoing journey.

Any information I provide is valid indefinitely. In order to bring you off the path of sickness and onto the route to health, I do this in order to permanently reverse your health.

That's why I have my group pathfinders. You can join my community here.

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