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Undiagnosed AutoImmunity with Dr. Susan

One thing I want to share with you is that autoimmunity probably five years ago and in time over 95% of America will have undiagnosed autoimmunity.

Undiagnosed autoimmunity. Most people don't know they have it.

In this blog, I have to share with you the face of autoimmunity and what it looks like.

Most people don't talk too much about autoimmunity, because most people don't know they have it. I see this a lot in my patients these days. When they start talking to me and I start talking about their history, I know exactly what they have and what is going on.

They're completely frustrated too, because in today's world, in the medical world, they don't know how to recognize it. They have this kind of old test they do, and it's one bowel marker and it's positive or negative.

I wanted to bring to you the face of autoimmunity and explain to you how it starts in your body.

Most people don't or can’t feel if it’s happening and they use these symptoms as excuses.

I'm getting old and on exercising, I did it too. I did it when I was diagnosed with autoimmunity when Your family's going to tell you that it's stress or it's normal or you're just doing too much. This fatigue that you can’t get rid of that feels like you hit a cement wall is not because you did too much. The fatigue that comes with autoimmunity is indescribable. Weight loss resistance. Brain fog fatigue, FEMA hormone issues, or hormone issues in general.

These are all faces of autoimmunity. It's autoimmunity happening in your body. The problem is that in the medical world, they won't find it or they won't.

This is where my functional blood chemistry analysis shines because in tracing the patterns and optimal levels, you see disease before it happens. I always say it's the crystal ball into your future health if you do nothing. Every patient I see I do, I test different markers, I trace patterns and I can see the progression of automating happening. There's a progression that's happening in your body.

The important thing is always to make sure that you're keeping whatever the interference is clean. This is what I wanted to bring to you the analogy of the food test that I do. Because if you eat a food that your body's responding to or reacting to, which could be like chicken, it could be oregano, avocado, banana, or something healthy. This is really about healthy foods and eating them.

The body is viewing them as pathogens. Your body's going to forge an attack on that pathogen in the gut and, and attack it. If we're not removing the interference and we keep eating the foods we shouldn't be eating.

The immune systems are gonna become hyper-vigilant. This is one of the ways that autoimmunity starts in the gut. This is what I'm talking about with food sensitivity in one way.

Two sensitivities over time should heal your body should methylate better, and your microbiome should be in a healthier condition.

Check out my YouTube videos at Dr. Susan Manias to learn more about autoimmunity and how you can prevent them. All the information on how to detect immunity in your body.

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