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Our Environment and Our Bodies

Everybody nowadays is so scared about cancer diagnosis coming down at some point in their lives.

I’ve been telling people the same thing for so many years. You can prevent cancer.

It's about the environment. I put the analogy there about the fish. If your fish dies, you don't change the fish and put a fresh fish in the bowl. You clean, change the water and change the environment the fish lives in.

Our environment and our bodies are what dictate what's happening.

It all starts with the gut. It's all about the immune system. Cancer cells pass through our bodies every single day. Every day your body bets a cancer cell or two or a hundred pass through, and your body's immune system has to recognize that as better and launch the attack on it and kill it so that cancer doesn't develop in your body.

The problem today is 80% of our immune system resides in our guts. We are having such issues in today's world with the gut because there's so much stuff that people aren't realizing.

The one thing I wanted to say to people is everything is connected. I talk to people every single day and they look at me like they don't get it. I don't understand why everything you put in your mouth, everything you put on your body, everything you put around your body, that's your body is the sacred temple of your health.

Nothing from the outside can heal the body. I knew that when I got diagnosed, when I was offered my medication, I was like, “well, is this gonna heal it?”

It's not going to heal it. We're just going to try to stop the regression of MS. And I was like, “no, I'm gonna heal it.”

I trusted my body, and listen to my body. I always say to everybody, I always go back to the doctors from a hundred years ago or more, 150 years ago.

They knew how the body worked. And I know that seems weird like now we have modern science and all these things, but I'm here to tell you, modern science is not healing the body.

Modern science is giving medication that's making the bodies worse.

It's poison to the body. I don't medicate anyone or take anybody off medication. I teach people and coach people about the amazing healing benefits that you're born with within your body.

The innate intelligence in your body. I'm a chiropractor, and I believe in natural health. If you remove interference, your body will heal itself.

Any thoughts you've had in your life, and trauma and stress toxins. I always talk about structure, always. I'm always a proponent of chiropractic, number one.

Number two is the biochemical aspect. You can't put garbage food in your body. You build a new body all the time and you don't want that new body built of the garbage you're putting into it.

Inflammatory oils, preservatives, fake food. You don't wanna build a body based on these things. So that was my thought process in reversing ms, I gotta build myself a new body.

Every piece of food I put in my mouth, every lotion I put on my body, and every single thing that was around my body had to be pure and natural.

And that's how I reversed ms. That's my secret. People always think there's some big magic bullet. I'm gonna tell them there's no magic bullet.

It took work, discipline, diligence, time, and consistency. That was the trick. But no one understands that they want a pill just cause that's what the medical world has created us to believe and think that we need a pill to fix everything.

A pill is gonna fix nothing.

One thing I want to say about cancer. I've been saying this for years, but it's coming to the point where one in two people is gonna be diagnosed with cancer.

To me, that's just startling and shocking. You have to have a plan not to get cancer. That's what I'm on that plan.

It would help if you had a plan too because whether you have it now, or you've been diagnosed in the past, you have to change what you did to create that cancer in your body.

You have to change. I've worked with cancer patients and I'm always number one, go get that thing taken out of you.

Cut it out and then we have to work on the body to heal it and to get it working optimally.

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