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My Journey Through MS

12 years ago, I reversed my diagnosis of MS naturally through the healing of the amazing body that we were all given. I've been telling people the same thing for so many years. You can prevent it, and the environment is also a factor.

Here’s an analogy. Your fish dies. You don't change the fish and put a fresh fish in the bowl. Change the water, change the environment that the fish lives in.

Our environment and our bodies are what dictate what's happening. It all starts with the gut. It's all about the immune system. Cancer cells pass through our bodies every single day. Every day your body gets a cancer cell too, or a hundred cells pass through. To prevent cancer from developing in your body, our immune system must identify that as being in the bladder, launch an attack against it, and cause it to die.

The problem today is 80% of our immune system resides in our gut. Because there is so much that people don't realize, we are experiencing such gut problems in today's world.

The one thing I wanted to say today is everything is connected. I talk to people every day, and they look at me like they don't get it. It’s essential to be aware of what we consume and put on our bodies because it is the sacred temple of your health.

Nothing from the outside can heal the body. I knew that when I got diagnosed when I was offered my medication. We're just going to try to stop the regression of MS and that’s when I will heal my MS.

I'm trusted my body, listen to it.

They knew how the body worked. The fact that we have contemporary science and all these other things may seem strange to some, but I guarantee you that current science does not heal the body.

Medication is being provided by modern science that is worsening human bodies. It poisons the body. I don’t take anybody off medication. I educate and mentor others about the incredible healing capabilities that your body is endowed with from birth.

The innate intelligence that's in your body. I'm a chiropractor. I believe in natural health. If you remove interference, your body will heal itself.

Daniel David Palmer who discovered chiropractic in 1895 once said, “Thoughts, traumas, and toxins. They are all part of your healing.” I always talk about structure. Firstly, I'm always a proponent of chiropractic.

Secondly, is the biochemical aspect. You can't put garbage food in your body. You constantly create new bodies, and you don't want those bodies to be made of the waste you're putting within them.

Every piece of food I put in my mouth, every lotion I put on my body, and every single thing that was around my body had to be pure and natural.

I reversed my MS through this process. That's my secret. People always think there's some big magic bullet. It took work, discipline, diligence, time, and consistency. That was the trick. No one comprehends that they desire a pill just because the medical establishment has led us to believe that a pill is required to cure all of our ills.

If you want to learn more about your body and what you can do to help heal it, please go to my YouTube channel at Dr. Susan Monias.

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