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It Takes Consistency and Discipline

It takes time, consistency, and discipline to change your health.

You have to get on the right path to saying it all the time, but you need time, consistency, and discipline.

I have found myself in the past that I was not very disciplined.

I was paying attention, but I was also very victimized by pain because of the car accident I was in. I fell victim to the pain I was in. I understood pain for the first time. It was terrible. But the thing was, I have to find how to get out of the pain.

I tried endlessly to try to get out of pain, tried many new things and saw new doctors, and seek advice from new people to get out of pain. In doing this, I lost sight of a little bit of discipline in my diet.

My diet stayed the same. I never ate gluten, I only eat dairy, I do all that stuff, but as meaning like timing and intermittent fasting and kind of all these things I do in variation, I kind of lost track of that because I had many new things to pay attention to.

I guess it happened in about January when I was diagnosed or had a covid positive, I should say. I had a positive covid test. I ended up at a doctor because of that positive test and I wanted to protect my patients in the practice. I had to just follow the protocol. I quarantined myself for two weeks. I got on the same medication to make sure I got a negative test in three weeks.

I was three weeks out of the practice and quarantined myself. I did it and I was given a drug called Ivermectin. The ivermectin, it's an inflammatory, and it reduced my weight to my ideal weight. I didn't even catch on though. To be honest, I'm human too. We all fall into this and we're not human and weight is an indicator of how your health is going.

I put back on the weight I lost when I took the Ivermectin because nothing changed. My diet didn't change, my exercise didn't change. Even though I've slowed down very much because of the pain. I try to move every single day and do things every single day.

I was weighed in February just by chance by the doctor I saw she had needed weight. So I took my weight, but I hadn't considered myself in probably two years. The weight crept on so the ivermectin took care of it. So when I looked at it, why did that happen?

It's because I was inflamed from Covid. The Ivermectin was anti-inflammatory. The weight is inflammation weight. It wasn't body fat weight, it wasn't because of what I was eating or lack of exercise. All those things we tell ourselves, it's not that it's inflammation. Inflammation's a killer. It's deadly.

It's the leading cause of death in America seven in 10 cases. It's the leading cause of death for the disease processes that developed due to inflammation.

One of them is my disease process, which was MS or autoimmunity. It was because of inflammation. I'm always very careful about keeping inflammation down.

I'm still working and doing everything because I'm not in pain all the time in case I have to know if you're getting inflammation. In my case, it's an important piece of information that I have to have.

Your answers are in your resistance, so whatever you're resisting. I also learn your answers to your weakness. So whatever you have a weakness in or whatever you're resisting.

The answer is in your resistance, the answer is in your weakness.

Sit down and just weigh out what you're resistant to, what you're resisting, and what's your weakness.

I always say time, consistency and discipline will give you whatever you want. This goes for kids, it goes for work, it goes for health, it goes for everything.

I have so many people who lose discipline. They lose discipline somewhere around the line and they turn around and make it my fault that they didn't achieve or they were achieving.

If you wanna see a change. If you wanna see a change in your finances, health, weight, whatever it is, whatever it is that you're looking to see the change in. You have to give it time, you have to be disciplined and You have to be consistent in your actions.

It is the thing you can think about every day. You have to do it. Taking action on your thoughts, looking at your resistance, looking at your weaknesses, that's where your answers are.

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