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Feasting On Your Special Days.

Birthdays and holidays are always special occasions for most of us. And that involves food.

Birthdays, special events, and holidays are special because to me that was the time that I could have something I'd been craving for a long time.

Everyone needs to understand that this wasn't the case when I was a child; I'm 52 now, and it was probably just 50 years ago.

Most of you over 50 didn't regularly consume sugar, candy, snacks, cake, or other sweets. You'll realize it's also true if you give it some thought.If you were born in the sixties, seventies, or even the eighties, I believe you didn't eat a snack every day or have dessert every day.

Consider the fact that kids today snack more than ever before. Everywhere you go, you stuff some kid-friendly foods into your purse as they are unnecessary if you're going anywhere for an hour. Lunch may wait till they return home. Thus, they are famished.

People will say, “my kids won't eat well,” they won't eat because you're giving them snacks.

Allowing them to snack up to mealtime, yet they refuse the meal. I would like to get others to consider and realize things like that.

On my birthday, I usually have something that used to be, and it changes over time. I'll tell you that too. As you follow this lifestyle over time. Time and consistency. What you want will change or what you crave will change. I used to crave going out to dinner because we didn't go out to dinner very much. We still don't. We mostly eat at home. I prefer it now. I used to have a craving for Mexican food on my birthday. Because I should not have allowed myself to tap the chips at that time, it became my favorite Mexican restaurant.

I'll be the first to say that it takes your body 51 days to eliminate harmful oils from your system. That was new information to me. Normally, I don't consume bad oil. So I reasoned that I could treat myself to some bad oil or perhaps some cake on my birthday.

And the same thing goes for a holiday, birthday, or vacation. I always tell my patients to enjoy themselves. I just will not have that food or that craving until a special occasion.

Do people eat sugar and bad oils every day? It's really bad for you and your health.

You may be thinking, I'm doing so good, but that one time a week will set you back.

It'll reverse the process and the progress.

My tip to people is always to save it for a special day.

Don't do it all day. Don't do it all the time. Sugar and bad oils are like number one thing that is very unhealthy.

I can assure you that you will feel better if you stop doing things. You'll feel better and have no cellular inflammation if you're in pain.

If you have an autoimmune condition, that's the place to start. Start with food. That's what I did in the beginning.

It was all food and blood. Check your blood and change your diet according to it.

Order your blood work and contact me to personalize your healthcare.

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