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Don't Let Any Diagnosis Hold You Prisoner

Don't let any diagnosis hold you, prisoner, in your life. You have to realize there's more to it.

I did not let the MS diagnosis that I was given 12 years ago hold me, prisoner, to the thinking that my prognosis was five years to a wheelchair, 10 years till I died so that was 12 years ago. Now, I’m better and not in a wheelchair because of that mindset.

My mission is to help people all over the country now with their immunity and their MS. This was actually my path to purpose. You have to harness and realize that what you're doing could be helping somebody else in the future.

You have to honor the body. You wanna build back health. You have to find the best way to build health back in your body. If you remove interference from your body, the body will heal itself.

Get on the right path and don't look back.

You have to get on the right path with the right mentality and the right mindset and just keep going. There was no magic pill. There's no miracle. There's no answer to that. I did a lot of things. There's a multi-therapeutic approach.

You have to do many things. It's not one thing, one thing doesn't fix everything. You may be doing well with your diet, but it's diet variation.

It's never one diet to fix one thing. First, you'll feel well on a diet, but then it has to be changed and you have to be kind of course correct. It's a multi-therapeutic approach, trying different things, and tackling different areas. With me, it was chiropractic and the structural interference of my body or my nervous system.

It was biochemical, the metal of Malcolms in my mouth, which had to be removed and detoxed to kill my nervous system.

Many people don't realize a lot of the issues are emotional and that stay in our body and stays in our meridians and stays in our organs and have to be worked through.

It's a multi-therapeutic approach to getting through the entire illness.

It required a lot of unlayering, but it wasn't something that you wake up with.

To tell you little bits and pieces of what I did to unravel this illness in my body to give me longevity and legacy health.

I'm getting older, I'm 52 now. Moving into menopause years and things like that, I'm not suffering from any of those issues because I took care of all the things that were going on in my body before I came into that time.

I'm looking forward to a long life of health.

I believe everybody in today's world has inflammation. There's no doubt. And one pill, like turmeric or something like that, is not gonna take care of it.

You wanna get rid of it? You wanna get rid of what's driving the inflammation in your body. So, doing the things that I always talk about are the things that I did.

It does take time. It does take consistency and it does take discipline. It's not easy to be healthy these days.

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