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Believing In Your Body

I talk about this all the time and nobody understands what I'm talking about. I have to drive this home to people because I've done podcasts and interviews with other practitioners and they're like, What'd you do?

And I was looking for the thing I did. It's nothing special.

I listened to the body I live by, I go by the blood in the body because life is in the blood.

I learned and that's what I go by. How I judge my diet. How I judge my nutrients. I listen to it and my body tells me what it needs, and I've done that for 12 years. I have completely reversed the effects of MS.

But also what has happened to me is, I suffered from GERD in my twenties. In my thirties, I was told I needed a double knee replacement. My autoimmunity was slowly building in my body. So They claimed hereditary when it came to stomach inflammation, GERD-related acid reflux, and subsequent knee inflammation. My dad had his knees replaced. And then the MS diagnosis came when I was 39. And I've reversed that completely, but recently in the past 10 months, I was in a car accident. So, over the past eight to nine months, that type has been disturbing my reality. I have six herniated discs in my back. It caused a great deal of pain and inflammation in my body, but I'm battling through it in the same way.

I thought about this. What did I do? What is special about what I did?

Honored the body.

In today's world, we kind of lost that. We don't respect our bodies. Simply, we're seeking medicine. We're searching for a quick fix.

We're looking for surgery, we're looking for the answer. You can find the answer to those things if that is the answer you're looking for. But like me, that was not my answer. I did not want medication. I did not want surgery. I always turned it away and listened to my body.

It was to the shock of everybody, my family, friends, like, what do you mean that's IPO? Why would you do that?

I did it because I had to keep listening to my body because I believe that symptoms are a sacred messenger and the sacred messenger from our beautiful body to say, “Hey, you're in pain.”’

Sit down. And because I know I'm in pain, I stop when I'm in it and sit down, which has helped me get through the previous eight months or so.

I'm not hiding the pain. I don't try to hide the pain or mask the pain. I need to be aware of my suffering. Even in agony, I carry on with my daily activities. I dislike claiming I am incapable of doing something.

I am not the victim. I never display a victim mindset. You must thus have faith in that aspect.

You're not a victim. Your body's amazing. You just have to listen to it, listen to those symptoms, and honor them.

I paid attention to the nutrition my body needed. I ate carefully. I pay close attention to what I consume. I don't eat GMOs or non-organic foods. I'm very diligent with my diet and keep inflammation down in my body.

7 out of 10 of the major leading causes of death in America are caused by inflammation, but we're all inflamed.

What's causing inflammation? But even more importantly, what's driving the inflammation? What was going through my inflammation was the metal amalgams in my mouth. And once I removed them, amazing things happen. My thyroid corrected, and my adrenals corrected. All these amazing things happen in my body, once I took that stressor off my body.

If you remove interference, the body will heal.

The best education I had was living this myself. I've been through almost every single thing up to this point. The saying "high body," when you have a symptom, take care of it and do what you can do, helped me naturally reverse it.

I realize individuals have to take aspirin and other medications to get through things like going to work, but occasionally I would advise using such medications in order to get through your day and go to work.

However, if you can relax or treat such symptoms while you are not at work or otherwise need to get through the day, do so.

Honor your body as much as you can.

If you want to customize your healthcare, contact me here.

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